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Who We Are

Cyburbia Productions is a multimedia performance company founded in 1999 by Kirby Malone and Gail Scott White, and located on the outskirts of the DC beltway, a place that is plugged-in, on-camera, and data-transferred.

Cyburbia’s focus is the collaborative creation of “live movies,” syntheses of cinema, theater and music. The company’s work employs digital projection and sound technologies, and filmic narrative techniques (such as flashback, lip-synch and slow motion), to construct moving stage pictures and sonic theater, in which live actors interact with animated performers, and emerge from or vanish into projected environments, settings and dreamscapes.

This work is based on the premise that audiences desire live theater that responds to the mile-wide, inch-deep faux-realities of life on a media-saturated planet. The artists who make this work employ new technologies, turning them in on themselves, to cast light on the way they shape and re-configure our world. Cyburbia's artists refrain from worshipping at the altar of technology, although they spend many hours faithfully staring at illuminated screens and hovering over their keyboards like praying mantises.

Cyburbia creates original productions, often drawing on historical or science fiction sources; innovative stagings of opera and new music theater; multimedia scenography for theater, dance and performance art; and indoor and outdoor projection installations. Cyburbia’s artists work in the Multimedia Performance Studio, where they experiment with new and traditional stage technologies, and develop imaginative approaches to the integration of these technologies with the live action and music of theater. In order to accomplish this symbiosis, the company operates simultaneously as a performance ensemble, a film and animation production house, a digital garage band and a stagecraft laboratory, all geared toward producing dynamic multimedia performance spectacles.

The Company


Kirby Malone
Gail Scott White


Sarah Hochkeppel
Charles Lee Holley
Joshua McCarthy
Drew Myers
Chris Parsons
Maria Rio
Rebecca Wilbur
Kelly Wilson
Amelia Winger-Bearskin


Mauricio Sanchez
Greg Stein


Rob Hencken
Dan Hobson
Stephanie Lundy
Tate Siev Srey


Kira Hoffmann


Evan Cantwell
Chris Ciccone
Marshall Clarke
Gretchen Hilmers
Valerie Kritter
Thomas W. McGuire
Trinity Tongg Osborn
Rob Ridgely
Gail Scott White

A few hundred artists contributed their talent and energy to the works documented here. For complete credits for most of the productions, please review the "Productions"

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